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How does the initial consultation work?
The initial consultation can be done in-person or over the phone and typically takes about 30 minutes. We will cover your lifestyle, wardrobe goals, and inspiration, as well as your style and fit preferences.
How long does the closet edit take? Do i need to do any work before-hand to get my closet ready?
Closet Edits are highly personalized and therefore the timing can vary, but you should allow 2-3 hours for your first closet consultation appointment. Please go through the clothing in your wardrobe beforehand and filter out any pieces you know you already want to get rid of.
how does the custom clothing program work?
At our initial meeting you will be measured head-to-toe and choose from a selection of high quality fabrics to create your very own customized garments. Our stylists undergo intensive training in men's clothing measurements and fabrics so they are able to make curated, meaningful recommendations.
how often will i meet with my stylist?
We typically meet on a seasonal basis (about 3-4x per year); however our goal is to be flexible, so we may meet more or less often, depending on your schedule.
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